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Many of my photos have been published in professional books during the years, some contributed towards wildlife conservation which is of high priority to me, sample of the publications is presented here.
Owls of the World: A Photographic GuideReed and Bush WarblersHandbook of the Birds of the WorldBirding Frontiers; Challenge SeriesWildlife Photographer of the Year 2015 PortfolioSandgrouse Magazine Volume 32 (2) Autumn 2010Wetland Birds of Tamil Nadu30 Years of Cooperation with the Air ForceSandgrouse magazine Volume 36 (1) Spring 2014The Rock Nuthatch video by amir BalabanChannel 1 newsBritish Birds MagazineRobins and Chatsi24 News Channel 1st May 2016Britains Birds an Identification Guide to the Birds of Britain and IrelandSandgrouse Magazine volume 38 (2) Autumn 2016The Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Handbook of Bird Biology 3rd EditionTierwelt Magazinge Nr 38 September 2016Owls A guide to every Species, Marianne TaylorDutch Birding, Breeding Biology of Desert Owl in IsraelBirds New to ScinceGulls of the World, Klaus Malling Olsen