Thank you for joining, in this site you will find photos of some of the Gulls Sp. of Israel alongside photos of local and migratory birds. From time to time I try to bring some ID information together with guidance and direction to top Israel locations.

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Amir Ben Dov, Ornithologist since 1979 and birds photographer, Graduated Tel Aviv University in Biology (BSc Honors). Main interest is WP Gulls, study for over 8 years the Rock Nuthatch (Sitta neumayer syriaca) in the Upper Hermon mountain, the Black Kite (Milvus migrans migrans), participated in the discovery of the Pallied Scops Owl and the Egyptian Nightjar nesting in Israel, found and researches the first ever Hume's Owl (Strix Hadorami) nest.

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Harrysly ©(non-registered)
Awesome pics. Congratulations Amir
Mazal tov for your fine photo winning the BBC contest
Anthony Pollak(non-registered)
Congratulations on your award winning photo of three birds.
Great to see your name in the news for such a lovely thing.
Great website.

Take care,